Customer-Centric Organizations: The Ideal State

Maximizing Business Engagement

Business U defines an ideal state as one that is market responsive and able to respond to market needs with a regional portfolio of offerings for businesses that is relevant in all business cycles: start-up, growth, stable, and downsizing, all of which are supported by both transactional and transformational strategic approaches. Resulting in maximizing engagement of businesses as a partner (in sector strategies and work-based learning), as a customer (with government-funded services), and as a funder (to invest and leverage).

Market Responsive Ecosystem

Additionally, an ideal state for a business engagement team is one that moves from a demand-driven focus—a concentration on employment needs—to a market responsive approach—solving overall business challenges in real-time to achieve business growth and retention in a region.  The latter approach requires collaboration and coordination of service delivery within a regional market among a host of partners.

Market Responsive Ecosystem

Are you market responsive?  To help answer that question, tap into our Market Responsive Readiness Assessment as a starting place for building a market responsive business engagement team.

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