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Why do over 99.6% of our graduates highly recommend Business U programs to their colleagues?
The courses are:

  1. Facilitated by nationally recognized subject matter experts in business engagement.
  2. Institutionally accredited business engagement certification courses for workforce and education professionals who are employer-facing.
  3. Each program builds engagement skills that result in expanded employer reach to provide your job seekers and students with greater opportunities.

Testimonials from Business U Customers

“Business U absolutely revolutionized business services for us in Tennessee. We are still feasting on the hearty content shared during our three regional boot camps. The course content was both relevant and innovative. Our teams across the state have certainly been reenergized after learning from these experts.”

Deniece Thomas, Assistant Commissioner
Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development

“Doing regional work as a workforce board means that we are in the relationship business. It’s critical to the success of workforce boards that they have relationships with their customers (businesses and job seekers) and regional partners that are based on trust and credibility.  Business U understands this. They have given us the professional development and CRM technology tools we needed to strengthen relationships with our customers and partners. They are the best vendor I have ever worked with!  Really.”

Marty Holliday, Executive Director
New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Area

Love the benefits that B2B Engage provides my organization and workforce partners. We’ve expanded our reach to new employers, automated workflow processes and brought on additional workforce boards and partners to maximize engagement and avoid duplication of efforts. Easy to use in the field, cost effective and automates our business engagement outreach and operational strategies.”

David Hollars, Executive Director
Centralina Workforce Development Board

“The CBEP course was one of the most challenging and rewarding courses I have ever taken. The information was totally applicable in my workforce development role and I know that my reach with employers and partners will be expanded as a result.”

Business U Graduate, Dave Madden 
WorkSource Seattle-King County

“Because the work of our communities requires a high degree of innovation and collaboration, we want to provide the most cutting-edge strategies, technical assistance and coaching options possible. Our dedicated coaches will work with Business U through a train the-trainer model to take some of our communities through a structured process that builds knowledge, skills, and abilities of community stakeholders to be successful and sustainable with their engagement efforts.”

Cheryl Carrier, Executive Director
Ford NGL

“Business U did their homework and were extremely effective in teaching to their audience, far exceeding my expectations. Backed with theory and research, they provided practical tools that could immediately be applied to improve our business outreach. GREAT STUFF-NO FLUFF”

Business U Graduate
State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards

Comments from Business U Professional Development Graduates

“This certification isn’t about checking survey boxes at the end of watching a webinar; it’s a fully interactive course with Dr. B. and Celina that will put your skills to the test.”

“You’ve got to earn this certification which makes it all that much sweeter when you hear at the end of your capstone’s one-on-one consultation that you’ve been certified in business engagement!”

“The business perspective is real & presented by business people!”

“Loved the collaboration between partners. Amazing to have regions involved in this effort! Christine & Celina are fabulous trainers!”

“What I found the most effective about the training was changing my focus from supply to demand when I meet with employers.”

“Excellent presenters who work very well together. ”

“I loved putting into action strategies & tactics .

“What I found exciting was learning to engage employers with a new approach by examining demand strategies to meet employer needs. ”

“The most effective part of the training was the work related references throughout the training materials and the presenters knowledge related to WIOA. ”

“The conversation and role play between the two facilitators made the content far more engaging. Very good dynamics between them.”

“The training was great and it gave me information to improve my employer relationships.”

“What excited me most about the event was the tag team style of presentation. The facilitators are masters of the topic area.”

“Thank you for a great workshop, it was by far the best training I have attended.”

“The most effective part of the event was getting the ‘mind set’ required to excel. Very professional and engaging, great learning materials.”

“Overall very informative, great session!”

“I thought the back and forth style between the presenters was very effective and natural. Great energy and enthusiasm, obvious authentic passion for what you do.”

“Great training, excellent trainers!”

“What was effective was new ways to consider business approaches for workforce development.”

“I’m now able to go into my new role/position with clear direction and the most effective ways to interact with our employers.”

“The enthusiasm, interactions, and knowledge displayed by the presenters were the most effective parts of the event. Wonderful event.”

“I learned new insights into perfecting our approach and increasing interactions. Great presenters and the most enjoyable Boot Camp I have participated in.”

“What excited me about this event was the ability to practice exercises and get feedback. I appreciate the energy from both instructors and how well they worked with each other. Great! Great! Great!”

"I was excited to learn that there are actual ‘tools’ to use when building relationships with businesses. The facilitators are incredible, they should always present together!”

“Great presentation! Presenters were supportive, encouraging and easy to interact with.”

“Legitimate skills learned!”

“Amazing facilitators. So personal, very knowledgeable.” 

“Everything presented was applicable and resourceful!”

“Exceeded my expectations!”

“Most excited about transactional and transformational relationships and ‘getting the sit.’

“What was most effective was learning about the differences between strategies and tactics.”

“Great presentation, time well spent!”

“Learning to think ‘demand’ and not ‘supply side” with approaches.”

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