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Business U's leadership team is focused on elevating how business engagement professionals strategize and maximize their engagement efforts, leverage partner resources, and connect with industry. We conduct educational workshops, keynotes, pre-conference sessions, and moderate thought leadership panels at workforce, education and economic development conferences. Business U speakers are engaging, inspiring and create a highly interactive environment for your attendees. Contact us to book Business U’s leadership team at your next regional, statewide or national event.

Keynotes & Workshop Topics:

  • Engaging Employers in the Work-based Continuum
  • Employer Value Propositions for Career Technical Education
  • Managing Business Services Teams to Maximize Strategic Performance Goals
  • Expanding Employer Reach through a Robust Solutions Portfolio
  • Voice of the Sector: Engaging Business & Industry in High Performing Sector Strategies
  • Use CRM Data to Manage, Monitor & Measure Business Engagement
  • Linking CTE Programs to Business Engagement
  • The Current State of Business Engagement: Insights from the National Study
  • The Vision for Business Engagement
  • Business Engagement & WIOA: Moving from Transactional to Transformational Relationships
  • Why It’s Not Transactional vs. Transformational: Two Approaches to Maximize Business Engagement
  • Business Engagement Strategies: Using Demand Driven and Market Responsive Approaches
  • Building Value-add Partnerships with Vertical Partners
  • Customer-Centric Business Engagement: Building Transformational Relationships with Business & Industry
  • Expanding the Playing Field and the Service Offerings with Economic Development & Education Partners
  • High Performing Business Services Panel: Market Responsive Innovation
  • Integrated Regional Business Engagement Activities Across Three Verticals: Workforce, Education, and Economic Development
  • Market Responsive Business Engagement: Innovative Approaches for Executing WIOA
  • Reengineering Workforce Business Services: Becoming a Market Responsive Team
  • Regional Leadership for Market Responsive Business Engagement
  • Revisiting Employer Engagement: What Your Employers Aren’t Telling You
  • Social Technology for Collaboration & Operations
  • Applying B2B Tools to Engage Business & Industry
  • What WIOA Means for Workforce Business Services
  • WIOA Board Composition & Committee Structure
  • You Can’t Sell Your Way to Business Engagement: Elevating Workforce Development
  • Using CRM Technology for Seamless Regional Business Engagement
  • Using CRM Technology to Build Transformational Relationships
  • Sector Team Development 2.0

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