Transformational Leaders & Management Training

This capacity building learning event is designed for workforce professionals who hold a leadership or supervisory position within their organization, and who are charged with regional coordination and/or internal team management of business services staff and their working relationships with their respective career coaches and external partners in community colleges and economic development. Because there are multiple partners within the system that engage the same businesses, often without a strategic or coordinated outreach plan, employers experience compassion and communication fatigue resulting in lost opportunities for job seekers and for employers to engage at a meaningful level. These siloed efforts are compounded by differing funding requirements and metrics from partner agencies creating additional challenges to bring community and regional organizations together to avoid duplication of efforts; making it that much more difficult to meet and anticipate employer needs to maximize engagement and to deliver effective services to increase market penetration and repeat business customers.

The business services leader will be facilitated through a structured process that results in a cultural shift to build transformational relationships with businesses, partners and their respective teams.

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