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How Community Colleges are Using CRM to Innovate
Why 2019 Workforce Projections Require Effective Employer Engagement

There are a multitude of trend predictions for the workplace in 2019 that Business U reviewed to identify potential impacts and opportunities for our workforce and education customers. Noted below are three key trends and our own recommendations as to how employer engagement professionals can stategically serve companies and build credibility.

Trend #1: Retention Will remain a Growing Concern
While previous generations remained committed to the same job from the time they graduated college until retirement, chief learning officer at MentorcliQ, Paul MacCartney explains that millennials look at jobs differently and stay approximately 2.9 years with their current employer.

Business U Recommendation
Now is the time for business engagement teams to share their data, insight and expertise with companies as to how they can retain their current workforce. This requires creative solutions that involve creating a work-culture that communicates across generations, provides competitive pay, staff development opportunities and a recognition program. Make sure to position your organization as one that can strategically consult with companies to find retention solutions.

Trend #2: A Surge in Mentoring Programs
MacCartney sites a study conducted by the Association for Talent Development that found 71% of Fortune 500 companies already have mentorships in place and find that this strategy supports career advancements. In fact, the same study found 75% of executives credit mentors with helping them to arrive at their success and tenure.

Business U Recommendation
This is prime data to engage companies in work-based learning opportunities, especially those that are experiencing “brain drain” within a region or a deficient pipeline of workers. These data trends provide a solid business case for employer support in not only mentorships but internships, on-site tours and other strategies to get the next gen of workers interested in their industry and company.

Trend #3: Education Will Continue to Be Encouraged
Whether the desire is to enter a new trade or elevate a skill set, career expert Steve Grant predicts 2019 will bring a heightened awareness for the need of additional learning long after graduation, a philosophy that aligns perfectly with the missions of workforce and education organizations.

Business U Recommendation
What a great opportunity for workforce and education to actively collaborate to develop market-responsive short-term certifications and professional development opportunities for the incumbent workforce. Business engagement teams should consider deploying a survey of current-in-house training programs and initiatives to companies within their region to develop data driven, fee-based opportunities to meet those needs.

Business U is ready to help you tap into the above trends and build the capacity needed for a highly effective and cohesive approach to business engagement. Contact us for our new line up of 2019 accredited courses offered onsite and online.


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